Data Types in C: The Complete Guide in 2022

Every programming languages have their data type. C has integer, float, array, character. Python has an integer, string, float, dictionary, list, set, tuple, etc. Golang has struct, bytes, map, string, integer, etc. JavaScript has an array, object, string, number, weakmap, map,  etc. In C Language, there are two types of main data types. Primitive Datatypes … Read more

Asana vs Monday: Side by Side Comparison in 2022

The demand for project management tools is high in 2020-21 since we all work from home. The market is currently flooded with heavyweights like Microsoft, Atlassian, and Basecamp often dominating the conversation. As of today, two of the leading options for project management software are Asana and Monday. It’s no surprise because the two platforms … Read more

Functions in C Programming Language Tutorial With Example

Functions in C Programming Language Tutorial With Example is today’s topic. A function is the set of statements that take inputs, do some specific computation and returns the output. The main idea is to put some common task together and make the function so that instead of writing the same code again and again for the different inputs, we … Read more

How To Run C Program On Mac Tutorial 2021

Mac OS X makes it easy to run the C Programs. Right now, I am using Mac OS X Bigsur which is the latest version. Also, I am using XCode’s GCC compiler, and XCode’s release is right now 10. So, if you are not using Mojave, then my suggestion is to upgrade your OS to … Read more

Laravel 5.7 Flash Message Tutorial With Example

Laravel 5.7 Flash Message Tutorial With Example From Scratch. For this example, we use the laracasts/flash package to display the flash messages. This composer package offers the Twitter Bootstrap optimized flash messaging setup for your Laravel applications. Flash messages are critical in web applications. We need to display some feedback to the user after they have completed any actions … Read more