Laravel Log Viewer Example

Hello developers, In this tutorial, I will explain to you how to do Laravel Log Viewer Example. We will use arcanedev/log-viewer for log viewer in Laravel. In this tutorial, I will show you how you can view and analyze the logs in Laravel. Laravel log viewer is a package to quickly view your log files from a browser. The installation is as simple as requiring the composer package. The Logging Dashboard contains emergency,alert,critical,error,warning,notice,info,debug.  If any error, warning, an alert occurs that store in laravel log file. It is store in error format; we can execute it readable format and know how much error including a description, so we can fix it and make it a better web application. This package provides the feature like :

  • A great Log viewer API.
  • Laravel 5.0 | 5.1 | 5.2 | 5.3 | 5.4 | 5.5 | 5.6 are supported.
  • Ready to use (Views, Routes, controllers … Out of the box) [Note: No need to publish assets]
  • View, paginate, filter, download and delete logs.
  • Load a custom logs storage path.
  • Localized log levels.
  • Logs menu/tree generator.
  • Grouped logs by dates and levels.
  • Customized log levels icons (font awesome by default).
  • Works great with big logs !!
  • Well documented package (IDE Friendly).
  • Well tested (100% code coverage with maximum code quality).

Laravel Log Viewer Example

First, we install Log viewer Package in our Project.

#1: Install Log Viewer Package

We will install arcanedev/log-viewer package by hit following command in cmd.

composer require arcanedev/log-viewer

#2: Register Service Provider

Find the providers in config >> app.php file and register the LogViewerServiceProvider.

'providers' => [

#3: Configure Log Viewer Package

Publish config and translations file

php artisan log-viewer:publish

To force publishing

php artisan log-viewer:publish --force

Publishing the config only

php artisan log-viewer:publish --tag=config

Publishing the translations only

php artisan log-viewer:publish --tag=lang

Application requirements & log files check

php artisan log-viewer:check

By default, laravel provide a stack value in LOG_CHANNEL variable in the .env file. LogViewer support only the daily log channel, so make assured that the  LOG_CHANNEL is set to daily instead of a stack in your .env  file.

// .env


Start Laravel Development Server by the following command in cmd.

php artisan serve

Type Below URL on your browser


Laravel Log Viewer Tutorial



Laravel 5.6 Log Viewer Example


Laravel 5 Log Viewer Example

At last, our Laravel Log Viewer Example is over.

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